Robotics Workshops with Ozobots


We use the Ozobot Bit 2.0
Ozobots have the ability to be programmed on paper, using Apps and using an online Editor.

The Ozobot has five sensors which recognise colour on a white page. Combinations of black, red, blue and green coding are built-in to the ozobot.

Our Beginner workshop allows young people to develop an understanding of how the robots can be made to perform manouvres as they move across the paper.
We provide the Ozobots, coloured pens and a wide selection of paper-based activities

Our Intermediate workshop has students engaged in using the Ozobot and OzoGroove Apps, as well as the OzoBlockly Editor. Participants quickly gain an understanding of block coding, sequencing and problem solving.
We provide the robots, tablets, wifi and a wide selection of activities to engage participants.

Code Stickers for Ozobot Coding on Paper

  1. Purchase Address Label 65 labels per A4 sheet.
  2. Place Address Label sheets in the bypass tray of your printer
  3. Open each Word document and print in full colour

Cool Moves

Cool Moves 1 (docx) - Zig Zag, Spin, Tornado, Nitro, Back Walk
Cool Moves 2 (docx) - Zig Zag, Spin, Tornado, Turbo, Back Walk
Zig Zag
Nitro Boost
Turbo Boost
Back Walk


Direction 1 - Go Right, Jump Straight, Jump Right, Go Left, Go Straight
Direction 2 - Jump Left, Jump Straight, Jump Right, U-Turn, Go Straight
Go Left
Go Right
Go Straight
Jump Left
Jump Right
Jump Straight
U-Turn at Line End


Snail Dose
Pause 3 seconds

The Ozobot App and OzoGroove App are available for Apple and Android tablets and phones.
Ozobot Bit and OzoGroove Apps
Ozobot Bit App - Apple Store

The OzoBlockly Editor is available online.
OzoBlockly Editor

There are many resources available online for Ozobots. Below are some of them:

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