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Creative Kids Advanced Workshop
Outcomes Robots Coding How to Apply

1. Use the Ozobot App to code the ozobot:

  • Understand how to calibrate Ozobot for a tablet
  • Understand what algorithms are:
    • how they are implemented as programs on digital devices
    • that programs execute by following precise and unambiguous instructions
  • Create and debug simple programs
  • Use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs

2. Use Dance Editor to Choreograph Ozobot to Dance

  • Understand Ozobot move units and turn degrees
  • Tune Ozobot motors
  • Analyse and decompose geometric figures and translate them into moves for Ozobot
  • Create and save a dance – compiling and installing
  • Translate a written program into an executable
  • Write, debug and run a program to make Ozobot dance

3. Use OzoGroove Move Creator to create new moves

  • Program Ozobot using moves/functions
  • Analyse and decompose geometric figures and translate them into Ozobot’s movements
  • Write, debug and run a program composed of several functions to make Ozobot go in a designated path
  • Refine and debug – Test as you write
  • Understand angles, turns and rotations

4. Use the online editor OzoBlockly to program Ozobot

  • Understand online visual editor, Ozoblockly, and how to use it in Mode 2, 3 & 4
  • Use block coding to write a program
  • Create movement and light effects using block code

5. Use the Sphero Edu App to program the Sphero robot

  • Use block coding to program the Sphero


Ozobot App

OzoGroove App



Ozocode Language

OzoBlockly Language

Sphero Language

Step 1
Go to the Service NSW website and register for a $100 Creative Kids Voucher
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Step 2
Complete our online Application Form
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Please contact Western Student Connections if you have any questions Phone: 02 6885 6144 Email: reception@wsc.edu.au