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Creative Kids Robotics and Coding Workshops
Workshop Application Form - July School Holidays Workshops
Western Student Connections Robotics and Coding workshops are for young people aged 4 – 15 years:
  1. Beginner coders can enrol in our Beginner Workshop and learn how to code Bee-bots, Blue-bots and Ozobots
  2. Those who already know something about coding and robots can enrol in our Intermediate Workshop in which they will learn to use Ozobots with tablets and how to make the Sphero move
  3. The Advanced Workshop introduces participants to the OzoGroove App, used to make the Ozobot Dance, and coding using the OzoBlockly online editor and the Sphero Edu App
  4. For those wanting to get straight into coding, we have the Beginner Scratch Workshop. Participants learn how to create an animation using the Scratch Jr App, how to create a Scratch account, and how to program using the Scratch online editor

Morning tea and lunch is provided for each participant

Date Workshop Ages Time  
Tuesday 9th July Beginner workshop with Bee-bots, Blue-bots and Ozobots 4 – 8 years 9:00am – 3:15pm Make sure you have applied for a Creative Kids Voucher FIRST
Fill in the Form below to apply for your child to attend a workshop
Wednesday 10th July Intermediate workshop with Ozobots, Spheros and tablets 7 – 15 years 9:00am – 3:45pm
Thursday 11th July Advanced workshop with Ozobots, Apps and Spheros. 10 – 15 years 9:00am – 3:45pm
Friday 12th July Beginner Scratch workshop 8 – 15 years 9:00am – 4:00pm

Please complete the Workshop Application Form below and click the SUBMIT button
If you prefer, you can print the Form and fax (02 6885 6199) or deliver the Form to 2/12 Blueridge Drive
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Please complete all sections of this form:

Section 1 Course Information (please select ONE):

1. Course Name: Creative Kids Robotics and Coding Workshop
2. Date and workshop (please select ONE):

Tuesday 9th July - Beginner Workshop with Bee-Bots, Blue-Bots and Ozobots, 4 - 8 years old
Wednesday 10th July - Intermediate Workshop with Ozobots and Spheros, 7 - 15 years old
Thursday 11th July - Advanced Workshop with Ozobots and Spheros, 10 - 15 years old
Friday 12th July - Scratch Coding workshop, 8 - 15 years old

Section 2 Parent / Carer Details:

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4. Relationship to child:
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Section 3 Child's Details:

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12. School:
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14. Is the participant Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander? NoAboriginalTorres Strait Islander

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Section 5 Other Information:

16. Does the participant have a disability, impairment or long-term condition? Yes No
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17. Does the participant require assistance because of this disability, impairement or long-term condition? Yes No
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18. Special dietry requirements / allergies:

Section 6 Declaration

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I understand that workshop numbers are limited, that this Application does not guarantee a place in the course and that I will receive confirmation on receipt of the Application
I will notify Western Student Connections of any circumstance which may pose a risk.
I will notify Western Student Connections if participant is unable to attend. Failure to notify will mean workshop fee must be paid
Workshop cost is $100.00 (incl. GST) per participant, and may be paid using the Creative Kids Voucher.
If paying cash, payment must be received at least one week before workshop date.

We will be in touch by email to confirm attendance and provide further information