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Creative Kids Advanced Scratch Workshop
Outcomes Robots Coding How to Apply

1. Understand how animations are created:

  • Scenes
  • Backgrounds
  • Characters
  • Movement
  • Sound
  • Transitions

2. Create an animation using the Scratch Jr App:

  • For a given story or nursery rhyme:
    • Add scenes and backgrounds
    • Add characters
    • Animate characters using blocks
    • Paint Editor

3. Complete challenge activities using the Scratch Jr App:

  • Cars
  • Racing
  • Setting Sun and rising moon
  • Spooky Forest
  • Basketball
  • Dancing
  • Greetings
  • Talking characters

4. Use the Scratch online editor to:

  • Set up a Scratch Account
  • Log in to the Scratch Account
  • Create a new project
  • Explore Scratch blocks
  • Understand Scratch Studios

5. Create a dancing cat in Scratch by following step-by-step instructions:

  • Understand sprites and costumes

6. Create a project with the constraint of only being allowed to use 10 blocks

  • Go to, glide, say, show, hide, set size, play sound, wait, when this sprite clicked, repeat
  • Experiment with sprites, costumes and backdrops

7. Investigate the range of creative possibilities with Scratch

  • Explore projects on the Scratch website
  • Create a personal Scratch Studio and curate at least 3 favourite projects.

8. Debug a set of Debugging Challenges

  • Investigate the problem and find a solution
  • Explore a range of concepts through testing and debugging
  • Develop a list of strategies for debugging projects

9. Become familiar with a wider range of Scratch blocks

  • Create an open-ended Scratch project, that is an interactive digital representation of their personal interests
  • Experiment with sprites, costumes, backdrops, looks and sounds
  • Create a sprite and make it interactive (clickable)

Scratch Jr App

Scratch Language

Step 1
Go to the Service NSW website and register for a $100 Creative Kids Voucher
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Step 2
Complete our online Application Form
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